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Your Power is Transient

We are born today in Ukraine and in Russia, a bundle of innocence and we look much the same;

Yet your daddy wants to bomb me into submission, to make me change my name.

I am born today in Palestine and you in Israel, yet your daddy wants to kill me and exile me from my land;

And to aid this genocide, you get sponsored by western powerhouses to ground me into the sand.


I am born today in Mexico and you in the USA, yet you won't let me cross;

You say I am not welcome to work with you, not matter what the cost.

I am born in Ireland today and so are you, yet you think I'm second-class

You try to stop my dreams of a future, by stubbornly living in your past.


We are all the same when we make our first appearance here, full of dependence and need

We don't know how to hate our neighbour, until you impose your bigotry, racism, hatred, power and greed

So, what gives you the right to transfer that, which should never be transferred?

What gives you the right to condition the innocents with your prejudice and poison, long before a question is answered?


Teach us to love, to respect, to unite and to not to put fellow humans at the back of the bus

Teach us about kinship, fellowship, humanity and togetherness, rather than 'them and us’.

A one-day old baby isn't Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli, Palestinian, Mexican, American, British or Irish, so stop this perversion of the blameless, before it's all too late

A newborn baby is a gift to you and to all of us, not to be distorted by your lethal labels, all fuelled by your insidious bias, evil and hate.


It’s people who put people in power, and it’s people who will eventually take you out;

You have become slaves to power, money and control, and have forgotten what service is really all about.

You have forgotten the oaths you took, and the ordinary citizens that need to be first in the queue;

But your day is coming just like the Emperors and the Empires and all the other transient evil, the people will get around to you!

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