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Get That Boy Home

I was just thinking about your story again on my way to bed. (it’s still in my head.) It’s quite a remarkable and excellent work which stirs up (for me and people of my generation) so many memories and emotions – childhood, school, first love, first drink, social and political history, camaraderie, bravery, youthful foolishness, humour, pity, fondness, anger, empathy and sadness. 

It’s a work which explains and illustrates or re-lives so much about an era in our local history, and deserves to be widely read. Would make an interesting film? 

It’s unputdownable, which is why I had to finish it like watching a box-set all in one go;a very readable style revealing very precious and profound experiences with great humour and wisdom.

Great Stuff!


Martin Walsh


I took the enigmatic Dan Feeney to bed, to the bathroom,out in my car and even on holidays. I both neglected and ignored everything else that was going on around me as I simply could not put this wonderful book down. A masterfully written story that encompasses all the emotions of a young boy, scarred by individuals working within a harsh and often brutal Catholic education system that deemed the boy worthless to himself; thus hurling him into a chaotic lifestyle as he attempts to prove his self worth by inevitably doing all the wrong things. The story that unfolds is a paradox of hilarity and poignancy, coupled with a few servings of heartbreaking sensitivities wrapped up in a lot of love.

Or in short, one of the best things I’ve ever read, a cross between Roddy Doyle and Nick Hornby at their best.


Dermot Bradley


Dear Eamonn, we met in June last year in Derry when you had your little grandson with you. It was a beautiful evening. You kindly emailed your book to me. Because of a very busy working life I haven’t been able to read it until now. I found it a very enjoyable read, full of contrasting emotions. You write in a very lucid style with great humour mixed in with a great deal of pathos. As you say there must have been hundreds of Dan Feeneys around (and no doubt, still are). Thank you so much for sending me such an enjoyable read. Next time I’m in Derry we must meet up again.

With very best wishes


(Professor) Silviu Klein



Hi Eamonn, read the book a few weeks ago but only getting round to emailing you now. Really enjoyed it, good read over an otherwise boring weekend in Limerick. Its funny, real and very entertaining. 


Dr Anne McCloskey

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